“Heal Your Spirit Through The Soul Of A Horse”




6-week workshop

It’s been a trying time for our world in this constantly changing pandemic environment. Among those needing balance, care and support is our therapeutic community.

In this 6-week self-care process group our participants partner with a horse to get immediate non-judgemental feedback in our beautiful outdoor-socially distant setting. This experiential processing group focuses on providing a sacred space for participants to delve into their own imbalances between their internal and external worlds, helping to increase self-awareness and put you more in-tune with yourself and others. No horse experience necessary as all work is done from the ground. Work is done with individual and group-centric activities; follow-up individual sessions are available and can be scheduled separately.

Group is limited to 6 people for a 6-week session.

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Harnessing the power of the horse to achieve balance in & become the leader of your own life.

Born from a collaborative client session, Equine Partners for Empowerment is about discovering your own innate ability to bring the intuitive social intelligence of the horse herd into your daily life.  Please join us for this afternoon of empowerment and purpose!

Concentrating on the various roles we play in our lives, our program will put you on the path to live an authentic, congruent life with purpose and focus.   No horse experience or riding skills involved; this small group workshop will focus on answering these integral questions:

  • So, you think you can lead?  
    •  Reviewing boundaries and styles of an effective leader.
  • If you didn’t get the right answer; did you ask the question wrong, or did you ask the wrong question? 
    • Focusing on clear & effective communication skills.
  • Are most of your days spent on auto-pilot? 
    • Building interpersonal connections and restoring mindfulness.
  • Do you think your actions match your feelings?
    • Aligning your values with your actions to encourage authenticity & balance through out your life roles.

Designed for all ages, these leadership activities can be applied to every different relationship in your life.  The group will work on individual as well as group centric activities; follow-up individual sessions are available and can be scheduled separately.

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Horse-Human Connection


1- and 2-day workshops

Recommended for anyone looking to try EFP, deepen their connections to horses and other animals – OR – interested in learning to boost their horse-human bond with bodywork.  These workshops feature my unique treatment modality of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy AND introduces you Animal Communication and Equine Body Work, a type of Accupressure by the human on the horse.  These exciting fields pair beautifully with EFP.  The workshop is held at our private space at Willow Tree Stables.

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What Participants Say About Judy's EFP Workshops

“I initially enrolled in Judy's Equine Insight training out of curiosity and a desire to learn more about Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy as another resource in the ever-expanding field of therapy. Rather than another useful adjunct, I discovered one of the most powerful modalities for facilitating human consciousness, authenticity, and personal healing. I've learned that through their huge hearts, finely tuned awareness, expansive and surprisingly accurate perception, horses have the ability to draw out what's most authentic in us and to touch our hearts with compassionate understanding and encouragement. I highly recommend this workshop to all who are curious about EFP and interested in finding out for themselves what this work is about.”
- Anna Billings, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist; San Rafael, CA